Story telling is at the heart of all the work I do. In the business realm, great story telling can model success, shine a light on innovation, and make challenging insights accessible. Documentaries invite us to ‘bear witness’ and draw our own conclusions. They add credibility.  I believe that compelling documentary-based work that is spontaneous and candid can also have great production value. I have always given my all to making documentaries that both tell a great story AND look fantastic. 

A brand can be both reality and aspiration. As a commercial artist I listen carefully and work closely with clients to create media that helps build brands - that can bring  a brand to life.   It’s also my job to understand how a brand can serve as a platform to help organizations accomplish goals - supercharging sales, leading transformation, and motivating change.  I have spent many years capturing messages from leadership in a candid, compelling way.  I understand how to convey the essence of a product, a service, a process, or a culture


Companies and brands – the sponsors of yesterday - have become the broadcasters of today.  This means understanding that speed, length, bandwidth and quality of content are key to grabbing attention and delivering the message. Those insights inform the work I do with clients every day to help ensure that the media they create and deliver on the web has the level of impact they need.  I shoot state of the art High Definition video and understand all compression schemes that stream easily.